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Standing out in the crowded internet by using SEO

Steps I have researched

I owe my thanks to many – which I will list in the resource section as I encounter more on this journey. My continual learning in the subject:

Organizing my workstation for a new SEO client

  1. Tracking My Time – Software
    • Red Mine – there is a video installation for the database
    • ClockingIT – free, with GANTT chart and time tracker
    • dotProject
    • Harvest there is a free plan for one user unlimited invoicing 2 projects and 4 clients. This integrates with Basecamp. Time tracking integration with 3rd party apps (QuickBooks, Basecamp, Twitter, iPhone, Google Apps)
    • BaseCampHQ This has styled emails for clients that need to be involved in the project process. So far the requirement for a time tracking device is filled by integrating Harvest. This second step is frustrating to me, since I want to do everything in one place instead of going to Harvest to log in/out, and then trying to remember to go back to Harvest when I need to logout of the project entirely. I am still working with this alongside Mavenlink – both Harvest and Mavenlink allow Google Apps integration, but like the intuitive Mavenlink better – at least in the first week of trials.
    • Mavenlink integrates with Google, there is a free basic plan. I really like this program, and the free version works well for a single freelancer to try out. They are constantly adding Google Apps…right now I only miss the time tracker, or I would pick this one easily over Basecamp and ClockingIT.
    • Ace Project with time tracker
    • GIT
    • Codendi
    • Feng – web based Feng–Sky $10/month for one user – the ‘read only’ client/guest is free. There is also an open-source Feng Office Community edition suggested for students and developers (php/mySql) with no company support.
    • Drupal build of Basecamp
    • Atrium – open source Drupal based and due out fall 2010

Client audience and Product/Service Research

SEO Keyword Research

SEO Competition Research

SEO Tracking and Tweaking

  1. Customer Driven Optimization Integrating Google Analytics and 4Q

Tools of the trade

Resources and Reviews

  1. Educational Resources and Tutorials
  2. Books
    • The Art of SEO by Enge, Spencer, Fishkin and Stricchiola – October 2009
  3. Search Engine SEO Information
  4. Free SEO Software
  5. Organic Search vs PPC and other costly Ads
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    Awesome article.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

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