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Blank Template

I found a site with some step-by-step information for a wireframe, blank template. This seemes to go along with the tutorials on Templates, and wanted to keep a source here for starters.


  1. Creating a simple blank template Joomla 1.5 by Compass Designs
  2. YouTube video on building from scratch

RSS Information

I am still debating between RSS and Blogroll format for keeping customers up to date on the newest styles for this website. So, keeping everything for the project in one place as I try them out:

  1. Tutorial using SimplePie
  2. Stitching several feeds into one used by our instructor, this might be needed if I can isolate one subject’s rss info into one article, etc.

Plug-Ins and Modules

  1. Google Maps
  2. JAnalytics, which allows Google Analytics to be placed on your page, or template. I read the instructions before installing this, placing the jdoc::includes statement before the closing tag of my template html. I also signed up for the free Google Analytics ID before installing this, in order to change the parameter to describe my web page instead of the example web page. It was very neat to return to Google Analytics and see the placeholders for my analysis (you must wait 24 hours for the first response). More training from Google via their Conversion University to get the most out of the analysis.
  3. Simple RSS feed reader from JoomlaWorks
  4. Fly06 Poll which does have a better presentation of results than the original Joomla poll that comes with Joomla. It allows the option to vote more than once a day, but only one item at a time since it is using radio buttons. I will have to see if I can change the button display.
  5. Mass Content – Generates pages and intro quickly

SEO and Analytics

  1. sitemap generated SitemapDoc
  2. SEO Quake analysis
    of keywords loads google keyword data right next to my keywords listed by seoquake
  3. J! Analytics is installed – considering also BigShot Google Analytics because it is a plug-in whereas the other is a module. I am still waiting for my analytics to show up on the module, and the plugin might make a difference.
  4. SEOQuake for site research – keywords, competition and many other features/tools

Class Project – Beauty Salon

I am still working on a detailed outline and list but have these tasks in mind right off hand:

  • Product lines (no prices) used at the salon that are easy to update, along with descriptions
  • Gallery of hairstyles that show family members as clients
  • Bio of hairdressers along with easy to update example hairstyle gallery of their specialties
  • Nail and Pedicure care
  • Hair care tips – easy to edit
  • Make up tips – easy to edit
  • Customer feedback, or stories
  • Possible tie into inventory stock
  • Schedule appointment requests for hairdressers to call back and confirm
  • Extras – jewelry, hair clips, etc.
  • Services and costs – easy to update
  • More
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