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Poster and Design for local event

July 12, 2010

Recent Design’s

These are the photoshop examples – not yet optimized for print that I created – minor tweaks before they went to print. For example on the poster I decreased the size of the event time to match the smaller font, and leave more room around the design of the poster.  This poster was reproduced in an 11×17 size as well as 8.5 x 11.  I had 3 colorways for this design, a second option that lowered the middle of the 2nd line into the rays and TRIED to add a bit of humor ‘It’s just a WALK in the Park’ …but this is pretty much what was chosen.

Patriotic design for annual Tehachapi Twilight Walk

Poster I designed for Tehachapi's annual event

I made a corresponding design for hand-outs to allow folks to sign up for booths and volunteer work to support the event. I later added the date and time at the top of the final page figuring that it could also be used as an advertisement.

Tehachapi Twilight Liberty Walk sign up sheet

Sign up sheet for local event

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