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Content and Social Media

December 17, 2009


I have been working to add more content to the website. I wanted to add some information about the history of the product lines, and especially showcase one line over the others – without being too obvious. I started browsing the internet and found some great YouTube videos to embed under Hair Care Tips. I had 2 different RSS feeds already installed, but this really added something different to the website that I hope the client approves.

Armed with a new idea I started searching Twitter, and found that indeed the main product line had a Twitter account. I was able to embed the changing Twitter conversation on another page – which might be a way to introduce the different angles of marketing available to the client and customers. I personally feel that this brings the big ‘5th Avenue’ market to our little city by letting our customers peek at the conversation. I will add some more instructions for them if they choose to get involved in these discussions.

Now I am getting fearless, and emailed the product line’s web maintenance team about one of their widgets online that allows folks to enter their type of hair or problem, then produces the product line’s answer. I wanted to embed this on my site, and I also wanted to know if I could get history and images from them. They were great! Although they could not work out a way to let me embed the widget, they did tell me of another item that would be available in 2010. They also gave me a user id and password to their entire stock of images, history, information…a TREASURE TROVE! I feel really lucky now, and cannot wait to start working on more content using this information.

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