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Week 7 Site Project 5 oh SEO MIO

October 19, 2009

SEO functions installed

Going through several components, and trying many free SEO/SEF functions, I settled on the following with my client in mind. I might be able to keep up with a small website, creating unique keywords and titles – but tried to find the functions that would be automatically in place. Some of these will have to be tweaked, and a lot of content has to be incorporated, but I am pleased with the way this is starting to come together.

  1. Headings are semantic – I will keep these in mind as I add more content
  2. SEF was first used in global configuration, along with .htaccess/mod_rewrite. I did figure out that .htaccess needed both SEF and _modrewrite selected on the administrator back end to work properly. Later I added AceSEF, which must be uploaded in the ACE upgrade tab if you already have this extension and are upgrading to a current version. For first time users, upload it in the Extensions>Install/Uninstall as you normally use to install a 3rd party extension. ACE SEF added:
    • Titles using the page or alias plus the website name – automatically, unique to each page!
    • Meta name Description tags – automatically, words taken from the first paragraph where I will try to be cognizant of leading information with keywords – a great savings for new articles that the client might add, once they know how this works. The interface is excellent, the support is incredible (within hours of my forum question, they had a fix uploaded in a new version to JED which solved my problem of blacklisted words creeping into my meta keywords). Also, the author has thought to blacklist conjunctions, and words that would throw off Google – easy to add to the list which is in alphabetical order
    • Custom 404 page – which I am still figuring out how to link to – but easily composed
    • SEF – option to hide or use categories and sections, along with many features possible to make the URL structure easy to remember and navigate. I do have to reorganize a few pages that had some redundant or wordy URL’s, but this is making it very easy to keep them tidy
    • Easy to update…the component interface alerts you in red letters when an update is available, and then has an icon for updates (still in the admin back end), and opens your browser to install the update without ever leaving the component interface! Easy for the client, and myself again…and this is the free version!
  3. Breadcrumbs enabled using Joomla Breadcrumb module
  4. XMap used to creat a Site map in html, and a Site Map in XML – appear to update with additional pages automatically
  5. Images are optimized as I replace template images with my own, and will keep alt tags in mind – waiting for final images to do this as I replace quilts for hairstyles
  6. Placed a robots.txt page on site
  7. Still need to keep an eye on replacing ‘read more’ links with descriptive links. Read More is inherited in Joomla, but can be replaced with a better description.
  8. Google Analytics added by uploading J!Analytics
  9. As I add feedback forms to the site, and get the RSS feed articles working, I will change the robots.txt or at least keep it in mind to keep links to undesirable/unknown sources and words from being followed.
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