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Week 7 Blog – SEO

October 11, 2009

Useful Tool

I have been very interested in SEO since completing the Cerro Coso College course, Accessibility and Usability, taught online. This class was the biggest inspiration for me as I learned page ranking and meta tags. I signed up for Scrub The Web and found it to be a wonderful aid in researching, detailed explanations and filling out forms such as Meta Tags. However, the amount of time and work involved in researching keywords, and backlinks was something I chose to improve in this assignment. I want to add that my Scrub The Web membership had expired several weeks ago, and that the company extended my renewal offer after reading my dilemma on a feedback form as I was exiting the page. I did not expect this, and really give the company kudos for offering this – the renewal is a LOT cheaper than starting a new membership. By the way, as I was looking for the URL for the course, I noticed that the Cerro Coso Web Design page has been updated to now include RSS feeds from A List Apart & Digital Web, which I quickly added to my feedreader.

Enter the Firefox Add-on, SeoQuake, a list of 17 different SEO options that immediately load with the web page. I know that there are many toolbars, including one I almost chose – SeoMoz’s SEO Toolbar, but the experience I have had with Firefox’s Web Development assistance pretty much sealed the deal for me – at least to try. I am so pleased with this toolbar! I can instantly look at the Links, for example and it lists both internal and external links. If I click on this, it opens a page that lists the links. I chose to add the hover option so that the SEO toolbar will pop up in a tooltip if I hover over a link – rather than leave the page. I would say that all of these bars and options can be distracting, but since they are part of Firefox, it is easy to enable/disable/edit straight from the Tools option in the main toolbar. This is such a timesaver for typing in Google link searches. This toolbar includes Google, Yahoo and Bing – I am still working with all of the options. I was also pleased to see a blog with installation and feature examples.

More Inspiration

I installed Google Analytics on my project after reading all of the SEO lectures on our class website, and finding a really good article from Website Magazine called Tips to Better Google Analytics. This article made me think about building specific information on the pages most visitors ‘land’ on. I think this really ties into SEO research, since the analysis of visitors once they are on your page is just as important as getting the robots and search engines to make your page more accessible. Another article from this same magazine continued the SEO inspiration I found this week Findability Makeover, which added some tools that might be useful, and are worth keeping in my SEO toolbox. This article used these tools to present a means of trumping the competition and keeping track of updates. I receive Website magazine at no cost in the mail, but was pleased to find that the online version allows a search of ‘findability’ that reveals all of the archived findability articles. Some of the tools mentioned in the article are:

  •, which really looks like several good tools useful for measuring a domain, and is also listed in our lecture this week. I am sure I will try this toolbar and compare it with the Firefox addon, SeoQuake described above under Useful Tool.
  • Website Grader, which is having some problems at the time of this post, but is a free tool to measure marketing effectiveness by generating a score sent to your email address
  • SpyFu, a free PPC tool for keyword research A video on YouTube shows many of the SpyFu features.
  • Spying on competition using keyword alerts on Google, Yahoo and Alerts.Live which can send competitor updates to you via email.

2010 Finds

I attended 2 webinars yesterday and was most impressed with  Avinash Kaushik from Market Motive.  It was a bit of a pain to call the phone number for the audio portion of the presentation – but after seeing the technical difficulties of the second webinar by Hubspot,  I could understand the decision.  I must say that I am paddling as fast as I can in this ever growing body of information and feel a bit intimidated by all of the marketing numbers/info.

This list is Kaushik’s extraction of the usable part of 3 new Google Analytic tools – along with some other tools that are either free or a very low cost, and how he uses them. I have also subscribed to Kaushik’s blog  because I enjoyed so much of his SEO information. I added Hubspot’s Facebook links in the same list:

  1. Tynt
  2. AnalyzeWords
  3. Statsit
  4. Swix
  5. Compete
  6. Quantcast
  7. Search Engines/trends/keywords Insights for worldwide directly from Google for Google search engine
    and WordTracker for worldwide Yahoo and Bing search engines
  8. Facebook Grader
  9. Hubspot’s Facebook for Business kit (Free)
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