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Default Modules and Components

September 18, 2009

Enable a Default Module

To enable a template feature – even though it shows ‘enabled’ under Module Manager, an INSTANCE of the module or component has to be activated, then the page you want it to display on has to be selected.


For the Login Module, I entered Module Manager>(select)Login>New
This takes you to Module:[New} and 2 tabs; select SITE (Administrator will place a login form on the back end administrator area); check the button for Next , now you are using the mod_login (login module), and you need to add a title – this will be the title that shows on your website.

Search Box

Module Manager>New>select search from Module[New] NEXT>type in a title that will be shown on the website.
This is a default search box that I am not certain I want to keep. This box sends you to a page to refine your search, and it feels like a ‘two step’ process instead of a ‘hurry up and find this’ process. I know Google has a good search box that includes other related searches, you can specify the websites that you want to include on a search. I think Google will work better in the long run, since we can select and edit the websites used instead of searching the entire web.

Poll Component – 2 steps

To create a poll

  1. Components>Poll>Poll Manager>New and you get a list of 12 option lines to use, located to the right.
  2. Display an INSTANCE of the poll you just created in Poll manager – Module Manager>New>(select) Poll>Next and give it a title – which will show above the poll on your website. Select page or pages that you want this poll to be displayed on. Select the poll you want from the parameter list to the right.

The Help button talks about the Poll component:

The Poll Component allows you to create poll questions for your site. Site visitors can then respond to the poll questions. This Component allows you to place up to 12 questions, or ‘options’, in each poll question. You can place a Poll on a web page using either a Poll Module (in the Modules Site – Poll) or a Poll Layout Menu Item (in the Menu Item Manager – New/Edit – Internal Link – Polls).


This week I have been combing the internet for modules, and trying to place them in one area on this blog, First Set of Modules/Extensions/Components for this class project. I have been reading up a bit on WordPress, to see if I can connect all of my Project categories on my Project Primary Navigation link. So far, I have not figured it out So for now, I am trying to keep the categories up to date so that you have a fighting chance of getting to an organized list of posts. Blogging has its drawbacks!
The big discovery for me this week was that the template I am using had many decorated modules when I installed it on my localhost. Only one of these showed up on the server installation. Firebug wasn’t helpful, because the outline format of my server page does not break down into the same HTML breakdown as the localhost page shows. I experimented with my localhost modules and components, noting that they were ‘enabled’ on the server as well as the localhost. This led me back to tutorials on the Help selection on the back end, where it started making sense. So in fact, I guess I walked into this backwards, and found it so much easier to play with the localhost version first, creating a new poll, for example – taking notes in Notepad along the way. I could retrace my steps on the server, and was just so jazzed that it WORKED! Now….do I want to keep radio buttons on my poll, or can I ever find the HTML code on my server to change these to checkboxes….and then will that mess up the submit to poll area??

I am also concerned about commercial versus non commercial requirements for modules and components that I want to use. Some vendors have a charge that is required every 6 months, or every year. Does this mean I have to keep up a subscription if I use their components on a website I develop? I understand commercial as a cost for the product, and non commercial meaning that the product is free. However, the license fine lines are something that bother me. I have found my banner image under a free photo supplier, but I have also found an earlier version of the picture under a fee. I am getting really gun-shy with images off the internet, and will probably get the agreement in writing from the photographer if my client wants to use it…just to be on the safe side. This is also making me aware of dates for downloading modules – to get the most recent available, rather than the first one on an internet search; to get the most recent version of an image to ensure that I have the updated requirements/license to use. The internet reminds me of Tehachapi after the weekend, when no one picks up their old ‘garage sale’ signs….it seems like old requirements do not get removed from the internet.

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