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September 13, 2009

Week 3 Summary

I have been tackling notes and IA ideas all week, and I am not quite happy with them but getting closer. I couldn’t resist reading the Drupal information, and looking online for Drupal, WordPress and more Joomla templates. I found some really neat Joomla templates, but they want money for them! I also found a lot of really bad templates. I tried playing some more with Drupal and WordPress on my localhost, and wish I had more time to delve deeper – I am keeping up with Maggie’s Diigo, and collecting all of the neat resources from everyone’s blogs. I really appreciate them, since I feel like this is a new open world here in CMS that I don’t think I will ever be tired of!

My project had me reviewing all of the notes, lectures and most of the tapes on Joomla. I really enjoyed the online impromptu meetings with Elaine – and learned so much. I had to draw out section over category over content, but think I have a much better handle on the concepts. I definately understand components and modules better after the lecture Content Is King. I was envious of the Drupal information, everything seemed to be in one place, and presented in a more logical method than the Joomla information. I spent a lot of time scouring the Joomla Forums and as well, but found more dead end paths than answers. I spent time looking for free photographs to use, trying some bad ideas on the banner, and settling for the best of the lot, as you will see below. I spent more time in Photoshop then I intended, but there are many parts to this banner and I still need to tweak the missing parts and see if I would like to add them back to the banner.

I still need to understand how to use the modules and comonents better. I know I can plug them in, but I really want to know what I am doing, and how to change them if something doesn’t work. I was glad to see my site validated transitional for HTML, however there are 3 CSS errors that are in this template…and will have to look into that later as well. I placed a new section, a new category and new article on the front page, but it is still in blog form, guess I need to redo that but hope this works for the homework so far!

How To Change The Banner From A Template

  1. Locate Header and Logo
    • Using Firebug select Outline feature and right click when you scroll over the area in the site you want to look at
    • Download the image files into Photoshop and edit/optimize – save for web
    • Save the new images you want in the same part of the template, in this case it was htdocs/joomla/templates/mytemplatesname/images
  2. Upload your new images to the server, placing them in the same part of the template, instead of htdocs, it is in public_html/joomla/templates/mytemplatesname/images
  3. Administrator>Template Manager> Edit CSS allowed me to delete the .png logo line of code (I copied both CSS and HTML files in Notepad, to have a copy of the original file in case I did something irreversible)
  4. Administrator>Template Manager>Edit HTML had a different format than I found in Firebug :where there were 2 div’s with the img – jpg file inside them – this was using Firebug on my localhost computer
    • The Server HTML file was different, Administrator>Template Manager>Edit HTML now shows a php if/else function, with the image listed under ‘else’ as img src=”images/LogoLeftmountainFlwrs651Framelt.jpg” alt=”header”
    • Removing the CSS image line was the same on the server as it was on the localhost
    • Have lots of dark chocolate handy the next time you try this!

I was surprised that the images were so different between firebug and the server, but thinking about it, it makes sense. My localhost does not have the same exact setup with php files, I guess. The other concern I have is duplicating this server file setup with my localhost. I started out thinking I should keep everything the same, but now I am uploading pictures from my computer image files into the server template files – with xampp the file setup is the same, but should all of my template and image folders on xampp be equal to the server folders?

Banner choices

I really wanted to design from scratch, but this template is keeping me very busy. It has so many divs, and colors – I just uploaded a free photo from an online source, of wildflowers in Tehachapi. I was trying to bridge the sweep in the upper left part of the original banner with the background OR at least blend the mountain picture into the logo somehow. I originally wanted to change all of the background colors to a more olive – or light olive, and ran out of time looking for a picture, working out some bad ideas in photoshop, and then trying to make this banner idea work. I am still in a quandry! I originally wanted to place a grey-lavendar in some outlines throughout the template…the client wanted sage greens and purple/lavenders – so open for any suggestions.


Current banner

I picked the one in the middle. I liked the darker left side because it made it more dimensional – the lighter right side green looks like it is more forward, of course. Also, this doesnt chop up the background like the yellow one does, I wanted to blend the frame into the background on the left, but when I stand back and look at the scenery, it is a square out of nowhere – sharp edged. This one has some attempt to blend into the picture with the colored frame brushes I used. I do like the yellow blend into the background, but have yet to figure out where all of these background pieces are in my default template! I have been messing with these all day so had to pick one before the assignment was due tomorrow.


3 Comments leave one →
  1. September 14, 2009 10:49 pm

    Looks like your site is coming along nicely!

  2. September 16, 2009 11:33 pm

    I like the one in the middle best too! The warmth of the banner color is inviting.

    • nancy13joomla permalink*
      September 17, 2009 9:46 am

      ummm….do you like the yellow one in the middle with brown, or the one I am using now with a lighter green?? I realize now that the ‘one in the middle’ is physically the yellow one, and I meant the shade in the middle between yellow and dark olive…and I should look back at the warmer one, if so! Definately like a warm feeling….and will play with the lighter olive/sage greens in the background and somewhere….purple…..we shall see!

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